Request a New Part

Request a New Part

The Morningstar Design System can’t grow without your input. If you have an idea or a need for a new component, Constant, or feature, please create a JIRA story so we can start a conversation. Please use the following steps to create your request:

  1. Check the requested parts section below to verify you are not replicating an existing request. If a request already exists, add sensitizing comments about your use case and needs to the existing JIRA ticket.
  2. Create a new request using this JIRA ticket template.
  3. Post the issue title and a link to your request on Slack in either the #mds-design or #mds-engineering channel.

A System team member or the segment owner will review all requests to confirm that you’ve sufficiently detailed the proposal and provide initial feedback. A triaging member may also solicit initial feedback from community members likely to have a strong opinion on the topic.

Within one to two weeks, the system team or segment owner will collaborate with you to confirm next steps. Depending on scope, larger items may be added for consideration in our next planning cycle. Collaboration can include email (for clarifications and more details), Slack discussion, and face-to-face meetings.

Establishing Shared Value

One of the Design System’s principles is to include what’s shared and omit what’s not. To ensure the System provides the highest shared value, requests for new features should be relevant to three or more product teams to qualify for consideration.

When proposing a new part, identifying other teams with a shared need for the proposed feature or enhancement helps determine requirements and define priority. The #mds-design and #mds-engineering Slack channels and Morningstar Design System group on Microsoft Teams are great places to connect with other teams to gauge shared need.

Requested Parts

Below are community requests for new parts currently in the MDS backlog. Visit the linked tickets to learn more about the request, add yourself as a watcher, or add sensitizing comments. Linking multiple use cases across product teams to a given request will help the MDS team ensure that each is given its proper priority.

If you have interest in contributing to the design or implementation of any of these components, please reach out to either the reporter or the MDS core team.

Requested Components

JIRA Ticket
Requested By

Secondary Navigation


System Team

In-Page Navigation


System Team

Date Picker


System Team

Progress Bar


System Team

Loading Placeholders


System Team

Determinate Loader


Hannah Otto

File Upload


Trevor Rice

Empty State


Noor Abdelrahim



System Team

Requested Enhancements

JIRA Ticket
Requested By

Links: IP Data Version


David Williams

Modal Button Placement


System Team

Dialog Including Status


Noor Abdelrahim



Nathan Curtis

Drill-In Menu


Katie Wolf

Hierarchal Multiselect Combo Box


William Ridout

Suppress Focus for Non-Keyboard Users


Jonathan Duncan

Data Table Enhancements


Aji Vishwambharan

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