Product Name

Style Box

Style Boxes show the investment style of a group of holdings. They are a key piece of Morningstar intellectual property and must be displayed consistently across all implementations.

Style Box Chart



Use to represent the investment style of equity holdings (i.e., stocks and stock funds) as a relationship between market capitalization, and growth vs. value factors.

Fixed Income

Use to represent the investment style of fixed income holdings (i.e., fixed income funds or portfolios) as a relationship between credit quality and sensitivity to changes in interest rates.


Visual Language


The responsive behavior for the Style Box takes a desktop-first approach. As the size of the Style Box’s container reduces, the chart’s internal components will adjust to more efficiently use the available space.

Container Width Result


The label sizes reduce, and internal padding between elements tightens.


The label sizes and internal padding reduce again.


The labels abbreviate and their size and internal padding reduce again.


Labels are removed.


  • Never change the labels on the Style Box.
  • Consider using the available Secondary Labels in contexts where the user may not be familiar with the visualization.

Code Reference

Necessary code documentation for each variation can be found in the MBC repository:

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