The Morningstar Design System employs the concept of segments for areas of design, development, and systems practice that require specialized participation and contribution from a subset of community members.

Current Segments

The current segments, and their owners, are:

Visual Language Matt Jankowski
Components Adam Rowe
UX Patterns Will Parton
Editorial Open
Charting Katie Wolf
Accessibility Nathan Leahigh
Iconography Jonathan Duncan
Brand Jason Ackley


A segment owner is responsible for:

  • Cultivating participation and connecting interested contributors around an identified topic.
  • Establishing a segment objective and achieving key results over time.
  • Recommending medium- to large-scale System features and enhancements.
  • Attending design critiques/showcases to identify potential areas of inconsistency or to highlight how an existing component can solve a product team's need.
  • Analyzing and monitoring existing product development efforts relevant to the segment across both Institutional and Consumer product lines.
  • Setting up and moderating irregular discussions between segment participants from the design and engineering communities.
  • Approving contributions of new features in the segment, including those designed, built, and documented by members of the core MDS team.

In general, participating in MDS as a segment owner requires two to four hours per week, on average.

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