Voice Principles

Morningstar’s voice is trustworthy, friendly, and actionable.

Trustworthy (Why you can count on us)

Tell the story fairly and accurately from the investor’s point of view.

How do I do this?

  • Support your points with context. | Don’t make claims you can’t back up.
  • Acknowledge less-than-optimal situations. | Don’t avoid or disguise.
  • Be straightforward and humble. | Don’t be arrogant or condescending.

Friendly (How the voice sounds)

We’re approachable and always ready to help you.

How do I do this?

  • Use language your audience can relate to. | Don’t talk at your audience, talk with them.
  • Write what you’d say. | Don’t write in a formal or flowery way.
  • Always offer complete thoughts in plain language. | Don’t use jargon.

Actionable (What you can do)

We’ll give you practical information that helps you make decisions.

How do I do this?

  • Have a point of view when appropriate. | Don’t be wishy-washy or ambiguous.
  • Help clients know what to do next. | Don’t confuse them with too many options.
  • Always be investor-focused. | Don’t inspire action for self-motivated reasons.