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Building Morningstar products with a design philosophy delivered in code.

Shared Understanding

The Morningstar Design System aligns product teams on Morningstar brand, visual language, UX, and technical standards.

Build With Confidence

The System provides teams with ready-made components to facilitate efficiency, consistency, and accessibility. This frees teams up to solve harder problems.

What’s New?

Version 1.4.1 (released 9/25/2017)

Our Visual Language is woven into our history. Presenting it here is our future. To that end, we’re incredibly pleased to send this first major release into the wild. It’s stable, production-ready and completely open to your feedback.

Please spend some time reviewing our first articulation of visual language, 18 components, and even a UX pattern.

We’ll be widening the net with every release to cement swiftness, consistency and clarity as Morningstar hallmarks.

More Details…

What’s Next?

In addition to coordinating and supporting Adoption and continued operations to Maintain and extend existing library items, the MDS team will deliver new features by 12/2017 including:

  • Navigation components including Masthead, Site Navigation, and Stepper, responsive page layouts, and UX patterns.
  • Charts documention of Morningstar Base Charts.
  • Alerts components to provide feedback for success, errors, warnings, and information.
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