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Segments are subsets of community members with a specific focus on areas of design, development, and systems practice.

Current Segments

Area(s) of Focus

Visual Language

Typography, Color, Space, and Layering—including the way these concepts are applied across the system using Constants.

Matt Jankowski

UI Components

The UI Component library, including design guidelines and code reference documentation.

Adam Rowe


The Charts library, including design guidelines and code reference documentation, as well as chart-specific visual language.

Alexander Hayashi

UX Patterns

The UX Patterns library of documentation


The Editorial library of documentation, as well as the UI component-specific editorial guideliens.


The technical implementation and documentation of accessibility for UI Components, Visual Language, and Charts.

Nathan Leahigh


The Iconography library and documentation.


The application of Brand standards across the Design System, as well as Brand-specific applications of MDS components or features.

Jason Ackley


The principles of animation within products and their application across the System.

Jinhwan Kim

Segment Responsibilities

A segment is responsible for:

  • Cultivating participation and connecting interested contributors around an identified topic.
  • Establishing a segment objective and achieving key results over time.
  • Recommending System features and enhancements.
  • Attending design critiques/showcases to identify potential areas of inconsistency or to highlight how an existing component can solve a product team’s need.
  • Analyzing and monitoring existing product development efforts relevant to the segment across all applicable product lines.
  • Setting up and moderating ad-hoc discussions between segment participants from the design and engineering communities.
  • Approving contributions of new features in the segment, including those designed, built, and documented by members of the core MDS team.

Participating in MDS as a segment owner requires two to four hours per week, on average.

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