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Building Morningstar products with a design philosophy delivered in code.

Shared Understanding

The Morningstar Design System aligns product teams on Morningstar brand, visual language, UX, and technical standards.

Build With Confidence

The System provides teams with ready-made components to facilitate efficiency, consistency, and accessibility. This frees teams up to solve harder problems.

What’s New?

Version 1.16.0 (released 04/10/2018)

Here are some of the highlights of recent releases:

  • Layout Grid and Cards components and documentation.
  • Added sizing variations to all UI Components.
  • Released an updated MDS Design Assets Sketch file and a new, more scalable method of consuming the assets as a Sketch Library.
  • Improvements to component accessibility for people with disabilities.

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What’s Next?

In addition to coordinating and supporting adoption and continuing to maintain and extend existing library items, the MDS team is actively working on:

  • New features such as Headers, Module Containers, and improved Borders.
  • Examples and guidelines of how to compose MDS components together.
  • Improving the way our code is packaged and delivered to teams.
  • Smaller fixes and refactoring leading up to a mid-2018 2.0.0 release.