Morningstar Design System
You’re viewing MDS Vue documentation. Legacy documentation for MDS v2 and prior is available here.

Q1 2021

  • Refactor popovers to support a wider range of use cases including menus with multiple sections.
  • Track fixes and enhancements requested and contributed by members of the community.
  • Release new Morningstar Ratings components.

Q2 2021

  • Train product designers and engineers on how to build with the system.
  • Publish Brand Standards on the MDS Doc Site.
  • Release new V4 data table with support for a wider range of use cases including grouped rows.
  • Launch new Storybook sandbox.
  • Review MDS Vue upgrade plans with product teams.
  • Establish a learning path for MDS on LinkedIn Learning.

Q3 2021

  • Improve support for using Vue Router and Nuxt with MDS Components.
  • Complete consulting engagements with 5 product teams.
  • Establish an MDS Advisory Group with support from design, product, and technology leaders.
  • Deliver an alpha release of MDS chart elements.

Q4 2021

Q1 2020

  • Modularize MDS library by component.
  • Automate release pipeline for MDS components to support continuous delivery.
  • Release initial set of MDS components for Vue to beta.
  • Establish charts elements working group and define principles and requirements.

Q2 2020

  • Refresh and consolidate MDS icon library.
  • Redesign data tables, tabs, and other components.
  • Streamline MDS visual language.
  • Improve accessibility for forms and other components.
  • Release MDS components for Vue to production.
  • Release new MDS doc site with integrated component pages, visual language, and other improvements.

Q3 2020

  • Track MDS component usage by product.
  • Establish consultation process for MDS adoption and contribution.
  • Establish new MDS Blog with regular postings.
  • Establish architecture and tools to build and support chart library.

Q4 2020

  • Launch MDS Adoption and Usage Dashboard.
  • Update Codepen sandbox to support MDS components for Vue.
  • Update doc site search to support modular components.
  • Deliver POC components to validate functional aspects of new chart elements library.