Use the headline to explain the situation, and the body to provide a path forward.
No Investments Matching Your Search
Remove or change some of your search criteria to broaden your search.
Blame the user. Avoid phrase like “you did something.”
You Added Too Many Search Criteria
Remove some to see more results.
Focus on the situation, not the user’s behavior. Use phrases like “there weren’t” and “it doesn’t.”
This List Doesn’t Have Any Investments
Add investments using the + icon in the toolbar.
Apologize or take the blame for the expected behavior of the application. Avoid phrases like “we couldn’t” and “sorry”—save them for when we really are at fault.
We Couldn’t Find Anything
Sorry about that. Try redoing your search with different options.
Focus on what the user can do (versus what hasn't been done yet) by reiterating the value proposition of the feature.
Start Building Your Watchlist
Add securities to keep an eye on, and get alerted about important changes.

Get Alerted About Important News
Alerts help you stay up-to-date on market conditions that affect your clients.
Blame the user for just starting a workflow.
There’s Nothing in This Watchlist Yet
You need to add securities using the search box.

You Don’t Have Any Alerts Yet
You have to create one before you start getting notifications.