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Introducing: The All-New Brand Center

Guidelines and tools to help you deliver consistently on-brand experiences

September 19, 2022—Morningstar Brand System (MBS) has collaborated with MDS to launch Brand Center, a sibling doc site dedicated exclusively to brand. Built off the MDS doc site platform, this all-new site unites brand guidelines and tools under one roof. On Brand Center, you can:

  • Read about Morningstar brand philosophy and mission
  • Get foundational voice and visual brand guidelines
  • Download brand assets and resources

MBS codifies foundational brand expression to empower downstream marketing, sales, and product teams to build consistently delightful experiences and meaningful connections with anyone who interacts with Morningstar, at any level.

Special thanks go to Isaac Day and Dan Ciupuliga for coding the site, and to the MDS team for folding Brand Center into their doc site tech stack.

Explore Brand Center by switching to the site in the navigation or go directly to the site here.

Brand System wants to hear how you're using Brand Center. Comments and feedback can be sent to [email protected].