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Corporate Brand Standards and Guidelines

Corporate Brand Standards are now on the MDS Documentation Site

Note: From September 19, 2022, corporate brand standards will be available on Brand Center. Learn more about Brand Center here.

Scale, Consistency, and Enablement

April 26, 2021—These are just a few of the words that have driven the brand team's work in creating the new Brand tab on the MDS Doc Site. The team saw a need to consolidate and streamline processes. In late 2020, a working team came together to begin building out a phased approach to supporting the firm globally. In the initial phase establishing foundational guidelines was essential. In the past several years there have been several acquisitions and our headcount has continued to grow. Creating a central location for brand standards was crucial to the enablement of our firm.

A Single Home for Brand Content

The new Brand tab provides access to brand standards and content in a location that is readily discoverable and clearly aligned with MDS. Anyone globally now has access to the tools and templates they need to be successful in their role here at Morningstar when it comes to representing the brand. We are proud to launch the initial phase of the brand tab and are looking forward to the next iteration that will include the identities of our sub-brands and how the architecture work being done extends down into our products.

For any questions related to the brand tab, please reach out to [email protected].